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H.264 used for Apple TV YouTube videos, not Flash

Mentioned earlier, YouTube videos will soon be able to be viewed on the Apple TV with a software update coming this June. iLounge spoke with Apple’s Vice President of Worldwide Mac Hardware Marketing, David Moody, who gave some more details of what is to come. With this update, “thousands of videos designed for Apple TV” will become available for viewing:

YouTube will soon be encoding videos in the H.264 streaming-efficient compression format preferred by Apple TV, and that all new videos submitted to YouTube as of the mid-June launch of the AppleTV update will be playable by the device. From then until fall, YouTube will be encoding its entire back-catalog in H.264 format, adding videos in chunks until everything is accessible to Apple TV users.

While this entire transcoding does not make particular sense from a purely Apple TV-centric-view, Macformat.co.uk speculates that the reason is the upcoming iPhone.

As far as I know even now, Flash content per se might not play on the iPhone from day one. But Apple clearly doesn’t – indeed, shouldn’t – care, as YouTube is for many people the most critical site that uses Flash.

If that is the reason, then we can reasonably expect YouTube videos to become available on the iPhone and iPod later this year. Why else for this tanscoding effort by YouTube?


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