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Why I still use Myspace… Part 1

I get posed this question a lot these days. ‘Why do you use that stupid thing? Well I’ll give a few reasons why I still use the internet’s worst website, ranked by PC Wrold.

1. Everyone else did when I signed up.

This is probably the number one reason people join a social-networking site. Everyone else they know are either aware of it or are active in it. When I was in high school, I heard about it through a friend. It grows. Before I knew it, I had all my other friends on it as well.

2. It was a new way of communicating.

For me it replaced email. I still had msn for chatting and a proper email address for signing up and subscribing to content, but I just used Myspace. It was really easy. Just going to a different webpage that communicated everything about that person and leaving a message felt more… right than email. It was a personal message, email felt a little distant. Like writing a letter. That’s it. More personal.

3. You almost felt like you ‘owned’ your space.

Yeah, to me it kind of felt like ownership. In reality when you sign up you agree to a contract in which they kind of loan it to you and accept no responsibility. You can do anything to your space, even going as far as completely altering the look and feel though. You typically fill in tables with text, but I have my entire space covered with custom CSS and applied my own layout. Myspace don’t seem to mind this, and I think this is one reason why it has lasted so long. I feel that other social-networking sites lock down your ‘space’ or personal page and stifle creativity.


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