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Unfortunate blogging trends….

A little trend I’ve noticed in blogging – there are so many blogs that are full of details about someone’s life that we don’t care about. What sport they regularly do and what the score was in their last game. Photos of their dog showing how cute he is. How they love long walks around their suburb. What they did in the garden yesterday.

If you are going to make a personal blog, write entries that people have a reason to read and feel involved. A great example of this is one I found recently – Violent Acres. The author does not give out many details of herself, rather she tells of many extraordinary and not-so extraordinary events in her rather hectic life. She has admitted to embellishing her posts, however (she says) that this is only done to make a point. I really don’t care too much of the truth, more of a good read. I’m not saying that you should make-up cool stories, but I am saying that you should either write a good story or embellish a boring one.

You also have the option (certainly my preferred one) of taking a more citizen journalist perspective and ‘report’ on stories. No surprise here that I’m a Journalist student. Try to have a particular focus or angle if you follow this path. For example, I’m going to report on many technology stories, anywhere from the latest press release from Microsoft and the newest iPod available to the retirement of the shuttle fleet or the best electric-powered car.

Just remember to keep your focus and not let your readers strongly dictate what you write. Be yourself. However, you have the responsibility to check your facts, maintain a proper writing standard (something we do not always achieve all the time) and appropriately respect for others.

But I suppose from time to time you can let loose that fiery tongue.


2 Responses

  1. Interesting commentary that I enjoyed reading. My regrets but your font color is a bit hard to read though…

    Nice site appearance!


  2. Yes, I hope to buy custom css and make the text either a darker grey or straight black.
    Thank you for your input.

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