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Why I still use Myspace… Part 2

Here’s part two of my article ‘Why I still use Myspace’.

4. I can keep contact with people I otherwise wouldn’t

As I have already stated, email isn’t for everybody – especially the younger generation. I find that I can keep in contact and stay up-to-date with many of my previous school friends. Some are getting married, some are moving overseas, etc. etc. I wouldn’t be aware of any of this as I have changed my email many times, but with Myspace your profile address stays static and the same.

5. Band profiles and info

Myspace has recently pushed promoting music and bands in the past year to survive and adapt to the changing online and social-networking climate. This can be seen with the increase of focus on band and artist profiles and promotion of local performances. I have become aware of several release dates and news of upcoming albums and performances, such as Nine Inch Nails.

Well there we are. Of course keep in mind everyone’s reason for using Myspace or Facebook or Beebo or whatever will differ. And the features are also an important factor. Facebook opening up their API to third parties has played a strong hand in winning many communities over.


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