iPods Galore

Last Wednesdays announcements by Apple had everyone in the usual frenzy, with the release of a brand new line of iPods.

New iPods, 2007

The range now stands from the small shuffle with a few new colors, to the new iPod Touch, with a similar form-factor to the iPhone and with 16GB of storage.

A new Nano has also been released, with a tiny screen for watching video and an even slimmer body. The old Video iPod, now the iPod Classic, has a larger hard drive and better battery life.

Also announced was a WiFi iTunes music store and the ability to purchase ring-tones at US99c.

Most of the reaction seems to be positive, however there is some questioning into whether Apple’s current line-up is too large? Are they trying to cater to too many groups or users? Remember, about 6 years ago there was only one iPod, and it took a few years for the Mini to come out.

The usual naysayers are grumbling about what Apple didn’t announce, namely wireless syncing and a subscription model for the iTunes store.

We here at ZSO have to agree with the wireless grumps – in a world fast becoming wireless, why can’t we have our iPod load a new playlist when we walk through the door.



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