Apple Indifferent to 3rd Party iPhone Hacks

Apple marketing representative Greg Joswiak has said that ‘Apple doesn’t oppose native software development’ in a recent discussion with’s Sasha Segan.iPhone in hand

However, he later clarified that Apple doesn’t necessarily “like” or “support” 3rd party hacks, and that future “software updates will most likely break” native applications on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Joswiak added iPod Touch does not have Bluetooth, and there are currently no games in development for the moment.

He cited the inexperience Apple has with the iPhone platform compared to the Macintosh as the main reason why most 3rd party apps will break when the platform is updated.

It remains clear that the iPhone / iPod Touch is a new, solid platform for Apple in the next generation of mobile devices.

Now we’d love it if we here at ZSO could get it here down under; while squeezing 3G and 16GB into it within the next year… surely not too much to ask, Apple?


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