Quick Byte: 9 of the Most Repulsive Buildings on Earth

A collection of ugly buildings, most of which some people would say “I’d never be caught dead in one of those!”.

We have to agree with most of these though (our main contributor likes the majority of them – he has a thing for ugly design. Yeah, we don’t get it either).

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Highly interactive website that pushes the browser to the limit

http://www.ff0000.com/ – ‘Red Interactive Agency’

We don’t know how to describe it.

It seems to be a webpage by a web design studio. Showing off their skills, they push the conventional browser to the limit.

With a 19th century theme, users can join ‘chatrooms’ and talk to other users. There are a range of avatars to pick from, including uncle sam on stilts, a convict, a rich man holding sacks of money and even a horse.

You need to take a look for yourself.

A 3000 Foot Monster Burj Dubai Scheduled For 2009 – Worlds Tallest Building

The Burj Dubai will be the world’s tallest tower and the centerpiece of the Gulf regions most prestigious urban development to date. This shows the world the oplulence of Dubai.

A couple of island groups, a rotating building and underwater hotel are to be major attractions.

The building will also show off many world firsts, such as the fastest elevator with speeds of up to 40miles per hour and the longest distance between stops.

As of May 31, construction is at floor 130, and the current height is at 468.1m.

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Quick Byte: Uber-Eco-Towers; Top 10 Green Skyscrapers

Green skyscrapers offer so much for the average “EcoGeek” to drool over. Each one can contain hundreds of innovations that make the world a cleaner place, they build up, rather than out, and many of them are freaking gorgeous. Here are the top 10 from around the world, both under construction and in planning stages.

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