Quick Byte: 9 of the Most Repulsive Buildings on Earth

A collection of ugly buildings, most of which some people would say “I’d never be caught dead in one of those!”.

We have to agree with most of these though (our main contributor likes the majority of them – he has a thing for ugly design. Yeah, we don’t get it either).

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Quick Byte: Free iPhone Unlock; Gizmodo Has the Scoop

The ability to unlock your iPhone without paying a fee has just been achieved by the iPhone Dev Team, Gizmodo reports

The folks over at Gizmodo are also mirroring the files as the original servers were straining under the load.

Quick Byte: iPod Touch vs iPhone

The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) has a good little article comparing the iPod Touch and the iPhone.

Cost, form-factor, Hackability, EDGE – which one is right for you?

Quick Byte: Palm Kills Foleo

We here at Zero Sum One are not surprised that Palm killed off its Foleo ‘mobile companion’ before arrival.

With limited potential and the ability to only handle basic applications, it didn’t seem to fit into Palm’s philosophy and direction.

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Quick Byte: Macworld; what to expect at WWDC

Apple is making no secret that OSX Leopard, the next operating system for the Macintosh computer will be the headlines of the conference. What is harder to pin down is what else will be shown besides a preview of the updated operating system – new hardware? Software, such as iLife?

Macworld takes a look at the possibilities.

Watch and wait and see.

Quick Byte: Uber-Eco-Towers; Top 10 Green Skyscrapers

Green skyscrapers offer so much for the average “EcoGeek” to drool over. Each one can contain hundreds of innovations that make the world a cleaner place, they build up, rather than out, and many of them are freaking gorgeous. Here are the top 10 from around the world, both under construction and in planning stages.

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Quick Byte: Q&A; Palm’s founder answers the Foleo’s critics

We found this cnet article recently, I thought it might be a quick, interesting read.

It made us wonder why Palm developed a hobbled laptop.

Palm founder explains the reasoning behind the device.