Quick Byte: iPod Touch vs iPhone

The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) has a good little article comparing the iPod Touch and the iPhone.

Cost, form-factor, Hackability, EDGE – which one is right for you?


VoIP on iPod Touch? A Possibility

We’d love to see VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) on an iPod Touch, as this would give some phone-esque functionality while saving that $100.

Some say that VoIP may work by hacking it to accept the iPhone earphones and mic. Aparently someone has already got Skype working on the iPhone.

As the OS is similar between the devices, according to Apple, then this may also be possible on the iPod Touch.

We will just have to wait and see.

Quick Byte: Palm Kills Foleo

We here at Zero Sum One are not surprised that Palm killed off its Foleo ‘mobile companion’ before arrival.

With limited potential and the ability to only handle basic applications, it didn’t seem to fit into Palm’s philosophy and direction.

Read more about this story over at Engaget.

WWDC – The aftermath

Leopard DesktopToday Steve Jobs revealed many new and innovative products for both the Macintosh platform and the Windows PC platform, as well as developer news for the iPhone.

The main feature of the conference was the release of the next version of Apple’s OS X, named Leopard. New features included an updated graphical interface with semi-transparent dock and menu bar, a more consistent look across the platform (no more brushed metal look) an improved dock with an ability to ‘stack’ several items into one slot and a completely 64-bit operating environment.

The finder has also had a large overhaul – it now has a interface fairly similar to iTunes, with a 3 column view. Full previews of documents and media (including video) has been added. Coverflow has been integrated into the finder as well, allowing the user to ‘flip’ through documents.

Data back-up software called “Time machine” that allows users to go back to previous versions and revisions of a file in an unconventional interface.

Another important feature of Leopard is “Spaces“, where a user has four virtual desktop spaces instead of the usual one to work in. This allows a more streamlined use of the workspaces, and an ability to separate workspaces so as to focus on different projects.

The “one more thing” announcement surprised many people, with the launch of the Apple Safari browser for Windows XP and Vista. It is thought that the reasoning behind this move is to reap the royalties given by Google and Yahoo for every search done in that browser.

Other Apple programs given updates are iChat and Mail, with screen sharing and upgraded audio quality in iChat.

The iPhone is still slated for it’s June 29th release, launching at Apple stores and AT&T stores across The United States. Developers are able to create third party programs within Safari for the iPhone, however there is no word on whether a SDK will be released in the future.

Quick Byte: Q&A; Palm’s founder answers the Foleo’s critics

We found this cnet article recently, I thought it might be a quick, interesting read.

It made us wonder why Palm developed a hobbled laptop.

Palm founder explains the reasoning behind the device.