The ‘Social Media for Firefox’ Extension

Useful tool that uses API’s to scan Digg, Reddit, and others to helps you find stories becoming popular on one site so you can be the first to submit them at another.

“…the ultimate time saver to building powerful social media accounts”.

Perfect for all you news junkies and addicts.

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Quick Byte: Free iPhone Unlock; Gizmodo Has the Scoop

The ability to unlock your iPhone without paying a fee has just been achieved by the iPhone Dev Team, Gizmodo reports

The folks over at Gizmodo are also mirroring the files as the original servers were straining under the load.

Apple Indifferent to 3rd Party iPhone Hacks

Apple marketing representative Greg Joswiak has said that ‘Apple doesn’t oppose native software development’ in a recent discussion with’s Sasha Segan.iPhone in hand

However, he later clarified that Apple doesn’t necessarily “like” or “support” 3rd party hacks, and that future “software updates will most likely break” native applications on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Joswiak added iPod Touch does not have Bluetooth, and there are currently no games in development for the moment.

He cited the inexperience Apple has with the iPhone platform compared to the Macintosh as the main reason why most 3rd party apps will break when the platform is updated.

It remains clear that the iPhone / iPod Touch is a new, solid platform for Apple in the next generation of mobile devices.

Now we’d love it if we here at ZSO could get it here down under; while squeezing 3G and 16GB into it within the next year… surely not too much to ask, Apple?

400 Million Downloads for the Orange Fox

FireFox, the open-source browser distributed by Mozilla, has reached a milestone of more than 400 million downloads.

It was first released in 2004 reaching 100 million downloads within two years, and by the end of 2006 had over 300 million.

The browser is enjoying this exponential growth, with its market share ever closing in on the heavyweight Internet Explorer.

US consultancy firm Janco and the IT Productivity Center says Firefox currently has 17.4 percent of the browser market – up 5.6 percentage points in the last year. Also within the last year, Microsoft’s market-leading Internet Explorer browser dropped 9.6 percentage points to a market share of 63.9 percent.

WWDC – The aftermath

Leopard DesktopToday Steve Jobs revealed many new and innovative products for both the Macintosh platform and the Windows PC platform, as well as developer news for the iPhone.

The main feature of the conference was the release of the next version of Apple’s OS X, named Leopard. New features included an updated graphical interface with semi-transparent dock and menu bar, a more consistent look across the platform (no more brushed metal look) an improved dock with an ability to ‘stack’ several items into one slot and a completely 64-bit operating environment.

The finder has also had a large overhaul – it now has a interface fairly similar to iTunes, with a 3 column view. Full previews of documents and media (including video) has been added. Coverflow has been integrated into the finder as well, allowing the user to ‘flip’ through documents.

Data back-up software called “Time machine” that allows users to go back to previous versions and revisions of a file in an unconventional interface.

Another important feature of Leopard is “Spaces“, where a user has four virtual desktop spaces instead of the usual one to work in. This allows a more streamlined use of the workspaces, and an ability to separate workspaces so as to focus on different projects.

The “one more thing” announcement surprised many people, with the launch of the Apple Safari browser for Windows XP and Vista. It is thought that the reasoning behind this move is to reap the royalties given by Google and Yahoo for every search done in that browser.

Other Apple programs given updates are iChat and Mail, with screen sharing and upgraded audio quality in iChat.

The iPhone is still slated for it’s June 29th release, launching at Apple stores and AT&T stores across The United States. Developers are able to create third party programs within Safari for the iPhone, however there is no word on whether a SDK will be released in the future.

3D and Open GL Coming to Parallels 3.0

Parallels3D gaming and ‘SmartSelect’ are the new features of Parallels Desktop 3.0, the latest version of virtualisation software by Parallels, released on Thursday.

Parallels allows intel-based mac users to run Windows in a separate window, as opposed to rebooting the computer and using the dual-boot software bootcamp. The software costs $79.99, and the 3.0 version will be available for a $49.99 upgrade fee. Parallels is also offering a reduced price for the upgrade for $39.99 now through June 6, 2007.

The SmartSelect feature allows a user to open any file from Mac OSX or Windows and use its application even if it’s from the other operating system.

3D support for OpenGL and DirectX graphics software is new to this release, which up until now they have not supported. This allows Uses who want to run demanding 3D applicaiotns such as games, in Windows.

Parallels is also including a six-month trial of virus and spyware protection.

Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac is currently a “final candidate” development and is being tested in closed groups. The final release of Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac is expected within the next several weeks.